Time tracker - last update 2019-05-30

THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS Below you will find log entries that describe the design/thinking process. Idea The goal is to build a device that could allow me to comfortably measure time spent on a project. I want to have a full history of the time spent on particular project. The time log needs to be plain text, easily queried and human readable. Execution 2019-06-07 Previously I’ve used CircuitLab to draw the schematics. [Read More]

Fuel gauge - Godot Engine

I’ve made a small visualization of a motorcycle fuel gauge in Godot engine. It allows you to disassemble the gauge and learn what’s inside without actually buying a motorcycle… I did that for you…

Wii Nunchuk as a USB HID controller

THIS IS WORK IN PROGRESS TL;DR You can find the source code [here](). I used the Wii Nunchuk controller to prototype one handed controller for creating computer graphics. I used the Blue Pill board which carries a STM32F1 microcontroller with a built-in USB peripheral. That allowed me to implement it as a true USB HID (Human Inteface Device) for the Windows OS. Reasoning Most of the projects in which I build controllers come from the same place - the friction of using computer as a tool, especially for art creation. [Read More]

Blender analog controller

In the digital age you stumble on concepts analog in their nature. Modern graphics are created on a computer yet they originate in an analog process. You constantly change the brush size yet the computer allows you to do it in an increments. Do you actually care your color is R=53, G=123, B=200 in numerical values except when moving the data? Concept of making an analog controller for art creation on the computer was always interesting for me. [Read More]

Portable power for Yamaha Amplifier

I’m using Yamaha THR5 electric guitar amplifier. It’s possible to power it with batteries. It isn’t economically good solution though. Something rechargable would be way better. Since I had a Li-Po battery lying around I made a small dongle which regulates the voltage. The dongle in a 3D printed casing. Two switches allow breaking input and output circuit independently. Step-up converter is based on LTC1871 chip. The PCB has built-in radiator and a display which shows output/input voltage (toggleable with a button). [Read More]