Website... this website

You should start a website. It’s quite fun!


This website has always been a project and currently it’s my longest running one (I’ve bought the domain on 25th of January, 2018). Feels only natural to create a project entry for it.

I’ve attempted to start a website/blog several times. It took a while to find a setup that I enjoy maintaining. After bouncing between Content Management Systems, I’ve found the static website generators. Currently I’m using Hugo - probably the most popular static website generator. It took a bit of time to learn it and I’m still learning anytime I come back to improve this website.

This is how the website looks on the 28th of November, 2021:

The red pane is quite distracting...
The red pane is quite distracting...

Consider this to be an archive for this website. This theme has been written by me but it’s soon time to move to something new. I always wanted to have a website which I designed and wrote. This is the space that I fully own and I want it to reflect my sensibilities. This look was inspired by terminal windows, which for me translated to monospaced fonts, limited color palette, text on a grid, minimalism etc. While I’m proud of it, I feel like it has run its course. I haven’t even started working on a new theme but redesigning this website has been in the back of my head for a long while now.

The contemporary web design doesn’t focus on something that I value - performance. This one is difficult for me because on one hand I really want this website to be lighweight and fast but on the other hand I’m a sucker for pretty things. I don’t want your browser to pull megabytes of data while navigating this website but having a 3D model of a PCB, embedded in an article, feels nice. Does it add proportional amount of value compared to the performance hit? Difficult to say. Do I like it there? Yes.

While this website is very minimalisitic, I don’t want to be dogmatic about this. Some of the designs that I’d like to try in future might be less restrained but performance will always be on the top of my priorities list.

I won’t talk much about content here but one thing that those past few years of writing has taught me is the importance of clear writing and how difficult it is to achieve. English isn’t my first language and I have never been a great writer. I’m still not and I don’t think I’ll ever be, but I do see improvement. I notice that mostly when I go back to a piece I’ve written some time ago and I find it difficult to understand and follow. It doesn’t happen nearly as often as it should but I do rewrite content on this website. I’ve never thought I would learn to value writing skills as much as I do right now.