Portable power for Yamaha Amplifier

Voltage converter in 3D printed casing

I’m using Yamaha THR5 electric guitar amplifier. It’s possible to power it with batteries. It isn’t economically good solution though. Something rechargeable would be way better. Since I had a Li-Po battery lying around I made a small dongle which regulates the voltage.

Voltage converter in 3D printed casing

The dongle in a 3D printed casing. Two switches allow breaking input and output circuit independently.

Step-up converter

Step-up converter is based on LTC1871 chip. The PCB has built-in radiator and a display which shows output/input voltage (toggleable with a button). Easy to setup output voltage and monitor the state of the battery. Sweet!

Cable in a nylon tubing

Ugly cables bother me so I usually wrap them in nylon tubing. It’s a cheap way to make them look better. Short heat-shrink tubing holds the ending of the tubing.