Creators responsibility

Recently I've enjoyed reading blog posts by Nikita. You can find the blog here. One blog post I see quoted often is this one (you can read it in 6 languages - that says something). It's about the disastrous state of current software development. The author brings a lot of good points. The message is that no one puts effort into making software performant. We solve problems by adding complexity, never actually solving the root cause. [Read More]

Shortcomings of todays human-computer interaction

I have spent a lot of time in front of a computer. That's because you can do a lot of amazing stuff with it. I don't think I ejony the process that much though. Sometimes there is so much clicking and pointing to do simple stuff. I don't think I would code without using VIM or at least adding VIM bindings to the text editor I'm using. I just can't use mouse when I code. [Read More]