Song practice app concept

If you’ve ever tried to get better at playing a particular song you want to learn, you might want to first learn it in chunks. After you feel good with those chunks you start putting it all together. Then you realize, you still suck at some of those chunks, so you practice them.

It would be nice to have a tool that works well for that process. I didn’t feel like coding today but I needed to export this idea out of my mind so here is a quick concept I’ve put together.

It could look something like so...?
It could look something like so...?

The idea is to be able to freely navigate a song and extract a segment which you’d like to practice. The blue markers indicate the start and the end of the extracted segment. That segment is displayed as a secondary progress bar. That progress bar also shows beats per minute (BPM) in form of dots over layed on the bar. The button in the lower right corner allows turning on the audible metronome ticks.

Lower left corner allows for slowing the playback down and speeding it up. One of those is way more important than the other, when practicing, so giving those the same amount of the bar isn’t a good design choice.

The play button just resumes and pauses while the arrow buttons navigate saved segments. The top half of the window display meta data of the song and lyrics.

I’ll probably code a prototype using Lua and Love2D… soon… hopefully…