Michał Ciesielski

I love creating. Be it software, hardware or art - I honestly don’t see a big difference between those. I hope you will learn something by going through my projects and the blog section. Might be, you’ll learn something about me :) Feel free to contact me with any questions. I’m also open to collaborate on interesting projects.

Big part of my life is art. I create a lot of 3D graphics. If you would like to see my portfolio head to my ArtStation portfolio.

Things I’m proud of:

  • I have knowledge and skills to build small electronic devices. I feel comfortable programming microcontrollers but also designing and building hardware.
  • I’ve never stopped developing as an artist whole studying to be an engineer. That allows me to look at being creative in a different way. I believe art and engineering are almost one and the same.
  • I’ve bought a motorcycle to learn how it works and to be able to disassemble and assemble it back together - which I did. I’ve also had a lot of fun actually using it!
  • I’m working with the state of the art eye tracking in Gothenburg. There is a lot of hardcore coding here!
  • I moved to Sweden to learn new things!
  • One of my jobs was to design and build a VR headset and even though the project didn’t reach the goal, I’m still super proud of what we were able to accomplish.
  • I’ve designed and built devices for Polish Special Forces. I did it in a team of 3 which means I had a big influence over the projects. It was a crazy interesting period.
  • I worked in the 3D scanning/printing industry. I’ve 3D scanned people, post processed them and printed their figurines.
  • I’ve finish the best Polish Polytechnique as a Master in Robotics.
  • I’m maintaining and developing this website myself. I take pride in the work I’ve posted here.

If you are in Sweden we can always grab a ☕. If not and you want to support me…