Setting up a PiHole

What's a PiHole? It's basically a DNS sinkhole. DNS servers resolve domain names into IPs. DNS sinkholes are basically faulty DNS servers. For example when you go to a website your web browser will also download ads. In order to get them it has to resolve the domain name of the ads provider into an IP. That's what DNS server does. PiHole is just a local DNS server which say ‘nah’ when you ask it to serve a content from a blacklisted provider. [Read More]

Setting your pc for remote access

I'm not sure I need it. Maybe you will. It is an exercise in excess. I rarely need something from my home PC because nowadays it's so easy to store things in the magical cloud. Still, it's a nice exercise. I have set up remote access on Void Linux and I will describe the process of doing so for that OS. You might encounter some problems if you are using Windows… but if you do you have bigger things to worry about (writing this around the time M$ update for Windows bricked some users’ computers. [Read More]