Debugging image resources

I work a lot with image processing. There is a lot of transformations and sub images extraction. Often, it would be great to actually see those images when debugging. Quick Google search pointed me to the dump command present in gdb. In short, to get the memory dump, you would do something like this: set $source=pointer_to_the_memory set $size_of_the_dump=4096 dump memory filename.bin $source $source+size_of_the_dump You have to know the size of your data. [Read More]

Black magic probe out of cheap STLink programmers

If you have ever worked with ARM Cortex M processors you've probably used GDB + OpenOCD combo for debugging. If you didn't: OpenOCD connects to the processor via a STLink programmer and opens a socket to which GDB can connect. It will push data necessary for debugging (and understandable for GDB) through this socket. That means that if you connect GDB to this socket (so called remote debugging) you can debug processor's software like any other application on your PC. [Read More]